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company news about 2020 Open Source Wireless Ecology Summit Held

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2020 Open Source Wireless Ecology Summit Held
Latest company news about 2020 Open Source Wireless Ecology Summit Held

latest company news about 2020 Open Source Wireless Ecology Summit Held  0

The summit consists of keynote speeches by well-known experts, frontier vision reports, 30 technical seminars, and multiple achievement demonstrations. Academic masters and industry elites have unlocked more forward-looking hot topics in the open source wireless field, and deeply analyzed and discussed the development direction and new models of the industry.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Wen Xiangming, Director of Advanced Information Network Beijing Laboratory, BUPT-EURECOM Open5G Joint Laboratory, and Chairman of Open Source 5G Alliance, extended a warm welcome and gratitude to the participants. He pointed out that after nearly ten years of development, the OAI Software Alliance has formed a relatively complete 5G protocol stack software system, and it is also the world's first 5G protocol stack software project that relies on open source collaboration. Although affected by the new crown epidemic this year, OAI has achieved fruitful results through online collaboration relying on the collective strength of international contributors. At present, the end-to-end data connection of the 5G independent networking including the core network, base stations, and user terminal equipment has been initially realized, and an open-source 5G test network will be built soon thereafter.


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Under the new opportunities and challenges, the future development of the open source wireless network field will gather more resources and more advanced technologies, accelerate the research and development process of OAI open source 5G, and further promote the in-depth cooperation and development of all parties in the industry chain in the open source 5G field. Exchange development. At the conference site, Irfan Ghauri, the Operation Director of OpenAirInterface Software Alliance, delivered an online speech via the air link. He introduced the development status and milestone plan of OAI, and said that OAI will form a complete open source project of core network, base station and terminal in mid-2021, and carry out the integration test of end-to-end system, and gradually carry out the post-5G protocol standard in mid-2022. R & D implementation. This summit was also supported by the national key R&D program - a wireless collaboration environment based on open source ecology, to establish an OS-RAN open source community and promote the development of open source wireless communications. Wang Luhan from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications introduced the goals and milestone plans of the OS-RAN open source community. He pointed out that in the future, OS-RAN will establish a domestic and global-oriented wireless open source community, focus on the development of open source wireless key technologies in open source software, open hardware, open data, intelligent management and control, etc., and promote the development of open source wireless communication technologies by all parties in the industry chain. Exchange and cooperation in pre-research, regulations and policies, and standards. Duan Xiaodong, Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute, gave a report entitled "China Mobile's Progress and Reflections on Open Source Promotion". Dean Duan first paid tribute to the contributors in the open source community. It is precisely because of a large number of selfless contributions that open source technology has flourished. Then, it introduces the open source projects led by China Mobile in the field of communication, and gives suggestions for future 6G technology and open source promotion. Finally, President Duan said that China Mobile is willing to work with the industry to actively promote open source and industrial opening for 5G and cloud native. The development of open source is not achieved overnight. The open source ecosystem has its own development model and evolution law, and it also faces many challenges. Li Wei, deputy director of the Cloud University Institute of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, delivered a speech on the research on the open source model and the current situation of open source ecological development. Director Li said that both internationally and domestically, the open source industry is in a period of rapid growth. The open source ecosystem in various industries has initially formed, but the risks of open source have gradually become prominent. Open source governance is also crucial to the development of the open source industry. Good A strong open source community is a prerequisite for the development of open source projects. In the process of CT technology moving towards software, virtualization and intelligence, it is inseparable from the dependence on computing power. Yang Yang, a professor at the School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University and director of the Shanghai Fog Computing Laboratory, gave a speech on the theme of "A new generation of intelligent wireless networks and applications powered by computing power". He pointed out that by integrating advanced technologies such as open cloud, fog, and edge computing, we can provide a ubiquitous computing resource and service architecture across fields and applications for the future intelligent society. When it comes to computing power, the contribution of GPU to the improvement of computing power cannot be avoided. When it comes to GPU, the contribution of NVIDIA cannot be avoided. NVIDIA not only promotes the development of artificial intelligence technology, but also brings a difference in the field of open source CT. change. Pan Zhijian, a senior expert in NVIDIA's telecom industry, gave a keynote speech titled "GPU-based CT and AI Fusion Technology". He introduced NVIDIA's outstanding contributions to 5G NR, and pointed out that Aerial SDK will provide a different set of solutions for 5G NR.

In the technical seminars and training sessions, a total of 34 experts and scholars from 23 units gave technical speeches, including Professor Eurecom Raymond Knopp from online access, Professor Abhimanyu Gosain from Northeastern University, Shweta Shrivastava, etc. Experts and scholars from China Mobile Communications Research Institute, China Telecom Research Institute, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, NVIDIA, Alibaba Dharma Academy, Baicaibang, Lenovo, Visionary, University of Science and Technology Beijing, University of Science and Technology Shanghai, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Tsinghua University and other units .

The main topics include cloud-native OpenAirInterface, discussion on edge cloud-network integration technology in vertical industries, telecom cloud-native platform open source project XGVela, cloud-network integration services, embracing the new era of 6G development, AI-enabled 6G wireless resource management, and OpenUPF assisting 5G vertical industry applications, etc. Representatives from many universities, enterprises, and research institutes spoke freely here, and the collision of multi-angle thinking stimulated more sparks of wisdom.

In addition, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Baicaibang, Weishirui, Lenovo, Zhiyou Open Source Communication Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing, Aipu Road and other units displayed related products and platforms based on open source wireless technology in multiple dimensions. Finally, the organizing committee also awarded awards to the achievements and papers that participated in the open source summit, and awarded the best paper award, the best display award, the most commercial value award and other awards to recognize the open source participants in technology, theory, product outstanding achievements in such areas.

OpenAirInterface Workshop is an international open source wireless technology summit jointly organized by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, French Eurecom, and OAI Software Alliance. It started in 2016 and is held in turn by three venues in Europe, North America and Asia. The Asian venue is held once a year in China. The 10th OAI International Summit has been ushered in. The summit provides an open and active exchange platform for technologies, standards, policies and regulations for all parties in the open source wireless communication industry chain, including enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, and individual developers, and has become an annual feast in the open source wireless field.


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