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Latest company news about Tabebuia App Store

latest company news about Tabebuia App Store  0

"Tabebuia App Store" is an application software platform. There are a large number of application software developed by Tabebuia and third parties on the platform, covering wireless communication, radar and detection, wireless test and measurement, remote sensing and navigation, teaching platform and other fields. All the application software on the platform is developed based on the Luo Optoelectronics software radio platform, and after our strict screening, the software performance is stable and reliable. The platform will be regularly upgraded and updated to ensure that the software is continuously upgraded and optimized. Tabebuia is a strategic partner of Luo Optoelectronics, specializing in system-level application software development.

The majority of software radio users can search and discover the applications they need on this platform, eliminating the time and effort required to develop their own software.

We welcome App developers to provide their own application software to this platform. We will help App developers to develop good application software by taking full advantage of our new hardware technology.

We will also publish some customer project requirements on this page. Developers who are interested in undertaking and developing this project, or if you have new application development requirements, please fill out the form below, or contact us directly!


Project requirement 1:

Name: Shortwave Message Receiver

Functional requirements: Miniaturized, need several fixed frequency points that can be set, receive some short messages and the kind that Morse newspapers carry with you, preferably low power consumption, with lithium batteries

main indicators:

1. Frequency range: 1.6-30MHz;

2. Working mode: SSB, CW, AM;

3. Benchmark sensitivity: ≤0.5uV under SSB;

4. Large signal signal-to-noise ratio: ≥45dB;

5. Blocking: ≥100dBuV;

6. Reciprocal mixing: ≥85dBuV;


If interested, please contact us.

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