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Independent Software Radio Equipment SDR-LW 2974-24/44

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Independent Software Radio Equipment SDR-LW 2974-24/44

Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44
Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44

Large Image :  Independent Software Radio Equipment SDR-LW 2974-24/44

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Luowave
Model Number: SDR-LW 2974-24/44
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: USD
Packaging Details: Paper Box\Paper Carton
Delivery Time: Spot Goods or 30 Days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 Piece

Independent Software Radio Equipment SDR-LW 2974-24/44


Independent Software Radio Equipment SDR-LW 2974-24/44


SDR-LW 2974 - 24/44 is the latest product developed by Wuhan Luowave SDR based on the classic radio equipment SDR-LW 2974. The transmit and receive frequency is increased to 24GHz / 44GHz , while inheriting all the functions and advantages of the former .

Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44 0

  • 10MHz-24GHz / 44GHz frequency coverage
  • i7 processor with Linux RTOS
  • 500GB SSD,16GB RAM
  • Built-in Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA
  • USRP Software Defined Software Radio
  • Pre-installed all-in-one software
  • Optional All-in-One Paid Software
  • List of related applications

Product introduction

SDR-LW 2974 - 24/44 consists of an onboard processor, FPGA and RF front-end. This product has built-in Intel i7 processor, 500GB SSD, 16GB memory. Frequency coverage from 10 MHz- 24GHz/44 GHz, bandwidth up to 160 MHz. There are multiple optional high-speed interfaces (PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports), and a resource-rich, user-programmable Kintex-7 FPGA. Like all USRP devices, this device uses an open source, cross-platform UHD driver that supports most applications and SDR frameworks such as GNU Radio, Matlab, and LabView .

Typical application scenarios

The new Luowave millimeter wave series products can support: 5G FR2 application; Vector signal generation and analysis; Satellite communication applications; Channel measurement applications; Communication awareness integrated application.


5G FR2 applications:

  • frequency can cover 40GHz which is commonly used in 5G FR2
  • Software-defined radio is reconfigurable
  • Dual-Channel Transceiver can Simulates Simple MIMO Scenarios
  • All hardware and software parameters are configurable, ideal for prototyping

Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44 1

Vector signal generation and analysis:

  • Custom vector modulation signals Generation
  • Can analyze the quality of the transmitted signal of various transmitters
  • Low cost of ownership, one set of transmitter and receiver testing are intergrated in one set of equipment

Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44 2


Satellite communication applications:

  • Frequency band coverage: C/KU/KA
  • China GW satellite constellation: 37.5-42.5GHz , can support 47.2GHz-51.4GHz in the future
  • Support prototype terminal verification
  • Reconfigurable FPGA can provide satellite transponder function simulation, as well as channel scenario simulation

Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44 3

Channel measurement application:

  • Transmit and receive devices can be synchronized through GPSDO
  • Flexible generation of test sequences for channel estimation
  • Transceiver integrated structure can realize bidirectional channel estimation
  • The IQ data from the receiver is compatible with mathematical tools such as Matlab /Python

Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44 4


Integrated application of communication perception:

  • vehicle perception, personnel perception
  • Software Radio Based OFDM Radar / Multitone Radar
  • USRP transceiver channel synchronization, enabling radar transceiver function
  • Indoor sensor intrusion detection function verification

Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44 5

Main Feature


i7 processor with Linux RTOS JTAG interface
  PCIe Gen 2 x4 interface
500GB SSD, 16GB RAM Four USB 3.0 ports
10MHz-6GHz frequency coverage Dual SPF+ ports
Up to 160M instantaneous bandwidth per channel Built-in Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA
Support two transmissions and two receivers at the same time Support external clock reference and PPS time reference
RFNoC FPGA Development Framework Support GNU Radio , Matlab , LabView



Industrial computer


processor Intel I7 9700
Memory card 16G
SFP 10Gbps
PCIe cable PCIe Gen 2x4
RJ45 1Gbps

FPGA and Baseband


FPGA Kintex-7 XC7K410T
ADC resolution 14bit
DAC resolution 16bit
ADC sampling rate 200M/S



As the digital processing core of the SDR-LW 2974 - 24/44, the Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA provides direct high-speed connectivity to all major components, including the RF front end, host interface, and DDR3 memory. The default FPGA provides all UHD's for digital down-conversion and digital up-conversion, fine frequency tuning and some other DSP functional blocks. Users can develop and implement their own DSP processing modules by using the abundant FPGA spare space and the development framework supported by USRP.


RF index

Transmission Reception
number of channels 2 number of channels 2
Frequency Range 10MHz- 24GHz/ 44GHz Frequency Range 10MHz- 24GHz/ 44GHz
frequency step less than 1KHz frequency step less than 1KHz
maximum output power 10dBm maximum input power -15dBm
Gain range 31.5dB Gain range 37.5dB
Gain step 0.5dB Gain step 0.5dB
Maximum real-time bandwidth 160MHz Maximum real-time bandwidth 160MHz
    Noise Figure 9dB



Voltage 220V
current 2 A max




Working temperature 0-50℃
maximum altitude 2000m
humidity 10%-90% (no condensation)
Environment indoor, outdoor



structure size


physical size 44 * 32.8 * 13.3cm
Weight ( SDR- LW 2974-24 ) 9.3 kg
Weight ( SDR -LW 2974-44 ) 10.2 Kg




SDR-LW 2974-24/44 accessories include one power cord, four omnidirectional antennas, one standard network cable, one D P to HDMI cable, one SFP module, one USB data cable, one set of standard keyboard and mouse, One monitor (choose one of LCD monitor or tablet computer).


Free pre-installed software:


Pre-installed software environment Ubuntu, UHD, GNU Radio
USRP usage tutorial Videos, Manuals
Gnuradio DEMO case Analog modulation, digital modulation, spectrum sensing, single tone signal transceiver, radio
Simple 4G-LTE base station communication system based on SRSlte  
video transmission system  
ADS-B Civil Aviation Signal Receiving System  
Some other teaching courseware "Principles of Communication" Communication source, analog source, digital source experiment
Channel model: AWGN , fading channel experiment
Analog modulation system: AM, DSB modulation and demodulation experiments
"Mobile Communication" GMSK, 8PSK modulation and demodulation experiment
"Digital Signal Processing" The Generation of Discrete Time Signal and Its Basic Operation
"Software Radio" Complex Representation of Digital Quadrature Baseband Signal and Basic Model of Quadrature Demodulation
Official website application video  



Optional paid software:

mobile communication direction 5G RF acquisition system
5G analog base station and terminal system
4G analog base station and terminal system
MIMO system
CDMA asynchronous communication
channel emulation
Tactical data link Link11 simulation system
Radar and Detection anti-drone system
software radar
Signal Transmission and Analysis System RF Record and Playback Systems
Spectrum Analysis System
OFDM MIMO video transmission
Satellite Communications GNSS simulation system
Courseware "Principles of Communication"
"Mobile Communication"
"Digital Signal Processing"
"Software Radio"
"Radar Principle"


LUOWAVE App Store:

"LUOWAVE App Store" is the application software platform of LUOWAVE . There are a large number of application software developed by Luowave itself and third parties on the platform, including wireless communication, radar and detection, wireless test and measurement, remote sensing and navigation, teaching platform and other fields. All the application software on the platform is developed based on the Luowave software radio platform, and, we will perform strictly testing procedure and quality control to assure the software is stable and reliable at the same time. The Luowave appstore will be continuously updated that the software on which are the newest and the most optimized one.

The majority of software radio users can search and discover the applications they need on this platform, eliminating the time and effort required to develop their own software. We welcome App any developers who would like to provide their own application software to this platform. And We will help them taking full advantage of our new hardware technology in the software developing phase.

Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44 6


Independent Software Radio Equipment  SDR-LW 2974-24/44 7

APP Store application interface

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